New article in special issue on Scotland & Brexit

A new article based on the Living Together project is now out in an excellent special issue of Scottish Affairs devoted to Brexit. The special issue is a must read for those interested in migration to/from Scotland and citizenship, identity and belonging in the context of Brexit. Massive thanks to the issue editors: Dr Emilia Pietka-Nykaza, Dr Murray Stewart Leith and Prof. Colin Clark!

The article looks at everyday narratives of Scotland’s distinctiveness in the post-Brexit-vote era among the long-settled population and Polish/other EU migrants in the East End of Glasgow. It explores discursive claims which romanticise Scotland as different and ‘welcoming’ of immigration and position it in binary opposition to England. How is Scotland produced as different in the context of Brexit? How are these stories used to re-imagine increasingly diverse Scottish society? In what ways are they being employed by migrant communities? Read final author copy HERE.

Gawlewicz A (2020)  “Scotland’s different”: Narratives of Scotland’s distinctiveness in the post-Brexit-vote era. Scottish Affairs. 29(3): 321-335.