New edited volume & article

Hot off the press! A new edited volume and an article closely linked to the Living Together project are now out in City, a journal dedicated to exploring urban change, theory, and action! I had the pleasure and privilege of editing this volume with a brilliant urban scholar – Prof. Oren Yiftachel. It is inspired by the work of Doreen Massey, one of the key British geographers and social scientists. The volume comprises eight contributions from authors across the globe and engages with Massey’s influential concept of throwntogetherness indicating a multiplicity of interactions across difference that make urban places. It explores these interactions in the context of ‘hostile environment’, i.e. practices and policies of control, exclusion, displacement, and denial of rights aimed at migrant, indigenous, and marginalised communities. In doing so, it takes you on a journey to Bologna, Rome, Singapore, Glasgow, Budapest, Al-Quds/Jerusalem, and Dhaka. Read the introduction here. Full volume here.

One of the contributions includes my own article on inclusive food spaces created by the newly arrived Polish migrants and the long-settled residents in the East End of Glasgow. The article finds that these spaces are conducive to positive social relations against the backdrop of a hostile environment produced by Brexit. Read the article here.

Gawlewicz A & Yiftachel O (2022) ‘Throwntogetherness’ in hostile environments: Migration and the remaking of urban citizenship. City. 26(2-3): 346-358. (open access)

Gawlewicz A (2022) Throwntogetherness in the context of Brexit: Diverse community spaces in the East End of Glasgow. City. 26(2-3), pp. 385-396. (open access)